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Our School Menu

Proper nutrition supports healthy growth, development and learning. Our school serves healthy, organic lunch and snacks. We serve fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Our menu often includes offerings from different cultures.

Lunch Menu

GMA Lunch Menu

July 2023


Meal #1 – Monday

Paneer Masala with naan, watermelon


Meal #2- Tuesday

Beef, mushroom, and rice, apples


Meal #3 – Wednesday

Turkey rolls with veggies, oranges


Meal #4 – Thursday

Salmon, bell paper, noodle, and pineapples


Meal #5 – Friday

Cheese pizzas, grapes


  • Milk or water is offered every meal.

  • Menu is repeated weekly for the whole month.

  • Monthly lunch menu is different.

Snack Menu

Screen Shot 2023-07-06 at 12.21.11 PM.png

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