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When deciding on a quality learning environment for your child you want an approach that has a proven philosophy. Maria Montessori’s approach to teaching children has over 100 years of fostering positive guidance and growth in children. Gilman Montessori Academy offers an effective Montessori learning environment from highly qualified teachers. In the multi-age classroom, all children have the ability to grow at their own pace.


For families to bring their child to Gilman Montessori Academy, discover the joy of Montessori, learn more about the school, and obtain enrollment information for the 2021-2022 school year: Please email us at or call 425-392-7766. Our enrollment is open through the whole year and follows a first come first serve policy.

Request Information and a Tour:

We encourage families to inquire about Gilman Montessori Academy and come for a tour. We would be happy to send you home with a quote and any additional information needed to help complete your family’s decision.

Schedule an Appointment to Interact:

We would like families to experience the curriculum and environment through a 45-minute meet and greet. Families will get to interact with the teacher and children will be allowed to discover the environment. During COVID-19, GMA also offers a virtual tour.

Complete and Submit Full Registration Form:

When your child is admitted, a full registration form will need to be filled out. Please gather all documents and financials to complete the registration process. Students will be enrolled once all necessary paperwork is received.

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