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School History 

Welcome to Gilman Montessori Academy! GMA is an early childhood Montessori school with eight years of history. It was founded as a family daycare and grew to become Trillium Montessori. Trillium Montessori was the first Montessori bilingual school in Issaquah - the school style was famous for its warm environment, family teaching relationship, and rigorous teaching with Montessori philosophy. After three years of development, Trillium Montessori school could no longer satisfy the increasing local demand for admissions. The school developed and moved to a new community nearby and became Gilman Montessori Academy.

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GMA officially moved into its campus in December 2018. GMA inherited the teaching philosophy of Trillium Montessori, continuing to create a warm, comfortable, healthy, equitable, and professional teaching environment, and adds many new teaching projects. The school is carefully designed to support healthy growth, development, and learning for young children aged 15 months through 6 years in a lovely environment in a quiet neighborhood. Our enriched, bilingual (English and Mandarin) program follows the teachings, methods, and materials created by Dr. Maria Montessori. Our highly qualified, respectful, nurturing teachers guide the children to learn through hands-on experiences with real-world materials. Our thoughtfully prepared learning environment supports independence, meaningful learning, and the development of the whole child. 


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