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Extracurricular Programs

Our school offers a number of extracurricular programs during regular school hours, as well as several exciting after school programs.

Not all classes are currently available during COVID-19. Please contact our office for more details.

On-site classes during school hours


Each of our programs has been designed to bring more academic and artistic learning to GMA’s regular Montessori curriculum.


Our students learn rhythmic dance and how to use and take care of different instruments. Some of the instruments that students will be working with include rhythm sticks, hand drums, jingle bells, triangles, and egg shakers and so on.



Art is another highlighted program at GMA. We have a rigorous art curriculum that teaches students about the color wheel, finding complementary colors, and different mediums of art such as water paint, tissue art, paints, and sculpting.



Each week, an instructor from Inspire Dance Studio comes to GMA and teaches a 30-minute dance class to our students during the school day.



Our weekly Spanish class offers our students an opportunity to learn Spanish through story reading, singing, finger playing and more.


Tumble Bus

The popular Tumble Bus (gym and play) visits GMA every week.

On-site classes after school hours (or weekends/ optional /open to public)



We offer a unique Montessori-based math program for students from ages 4 to 12. Our innovative teaching method combines Montessori learning (using Visual-aids and Hands-on tools) with Mental Problem-solving Skill and also personalized it to each individual child’s learning pace and understanding level.


In addition to our daily Mandarin curriculum at school, we also offer an optional Mandarin enrichment program every Saturday.  Professional Chinese teachers will lead your child in developing speaking, listening, and reading skills in Mandarin. This class is suited for children aged 3 to 18, and no prior Mandarin language experience is required.


We offer an after-school English program for students interested in learning more about the English language and enhance their English reading and writing skills.

GMA also offers free drop off of our enrolled students to after school activities in our neighborhood, including Gymnastics East, SwimLabs, and Issaquah Dance Theatre.


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