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To complete your child's enrollment to Gilman Montessori Academy, you are required to submit your child's current health information, including immunization status. Please fill out the health form and immunization form below and return them to our office.


Note: if you have chosen not to have your child immunized for religious, health, or personal reasons, you are required to fill out the immunization exemption form. The law requires us to exclude children from care if there is an outbreak of an illness for which there is an immunization available until the outbreak has passed.

COVID-19 Safety Procedures

We will practice Healthy School Procedures to ensure our school environment remains a safe and healthy place for staff and children. Our procedures include:

  • A temperature check is requested for everyone who enters the building.

  • Mask is requested to adults inside the building. Mask is encouraged to children inside the building.

  • Sanitizing is requested on arrival and anytime as needed.

  • Following school sick policy to stay home. (See parents handbook for policy details.)

  • Direct contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases or suspected COVID-19 cases is requested to report to GMA immediately.

  • Sanitizing learning materials at least two times a day.

  • Weekly professional deep cleaning.

Business Hours


School opens: 7:30am- 6:00pm

Office hours: 9:00am- 4:00pm  


Tel: 425-392-7766



Address: 1545 NW Mall St Issaquah, WA 98027

During COVID-19, Gilman Montessori Academy does not accept walk-in visits.


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