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A warm welcome to Gilman Montessori Academy!

Gilman Montessori Academy is a diverse and peaceful school dedicated to providing excellent care for children aged 12 months to 6 years old. The classrooms are carefully designed and children work with specially designed materials to fulfill their needs. Lessons are initially given using concrete materials so that the children are always learning through the combined use of their hands and minds. Our curriculum incorporates Science and Nature, Music and Movement, Sensorial, Cooking and Nutrition, Cultural Awareness, History, Geography, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Engineering. Children are engaged in these areas with hands-on activities.

School History 

Welcome to Gilman Montessori Academy! GMA is an early childhood Montessori school with eight years of history. It was founded as a family daycare and grew to become Trillium Montessori. Trillium Montessori was the first Montessori bilingual school in Issaquah - the school style was famous for its warm environment, family teaching relationship, and rigorous teaching with Montessori philosophy. After three years of development, Trillium Montessori school could no longer satisfy the increasing local demand for admissions. The school developed and moved to a new community nearby and became Gilman Montessori Academy.

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Our Staff

Teachers work one-on-one with the students, demonstrating how to use these materials when the child is developmentally ready to use them. Our teachers closely and carefully noting when the time is right for the child to be introduced to the next level of difficulty. We provide individualized lesson plans for each child.


Please meet the wonderful teachers in our GMA family who put their heart and soul into the school and are deeply connected with every child in every classroom.

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