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Welcome to 2022-2023 school year!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

2021- 2022 was a challenging and productive year at GMA. We upgraded our curriculum materials, built a strong teaching team, and had a peaceful learning year, even thought it was the toughest pandemic year. We really appreciate our parents and the whole community's support and look forward to another wonderful year together.

In the new year of 2022- 2023, the GMA team will continue providing a happy, peaceful, productive and meaningful learning environment for our children and their families. We will open a new toddler classroom to release the stress of long waiting for our families on the waitlist. We will also work on a playground upgrading project, adding more Montessori outdoor work sessions and requitements on our existing playground. We continue following the school district and CDC COVID safety standards and sick policy to ensure the safe environment for our children.

In addition to our English-Mandarin bilingual teaching, we are happy to have our music program back on site. We will have more and more extracurricular programs back on site soon!

We are looking forward to having a busy and thriving year with all our GMA families!

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