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About Our School

Gilman Montessori Academy is a diverse and peaceful school dedicated to providing excellent care for children aged 1½ to 6. Our classrooms have experienced certified Montessori teachers.

The classrooms are carefully designed and children work with specially designed materials to fulfill their needs. Lessons are initially given using concrete materials so that the children are always learning through the combined use of their hands and minds. Teachers work one-on-one with the students, demonstrating how to use these materials when the child is developmentally ready to use it.

Our curriculum incorporates Mathematics, Language, Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural Science, Art, Science, Music, Engineering, and Geography. Children are engaged in these areas with hands on activities.

The teachers closely observe each child, carefully noting when the time is right for the child to be introduced to the next level of difficulty. Alternatively, if the child is struggling to master a task, the teacher creates another way to help them understand. We provide individualized lesson plan for each child.

Mandarin is incorporated into the curriculum. We offer many enrichment classes to help your child get a meaningful and fun education. We offer weekly Music and Art classes.

Mission and Values

“The education of Children does not aim at preparing them for school, but for life.”

-- Maria Montessori

Gilman Montessori Academy believes that children are amazing individuals, with unique gifts to share with the world. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment that allows a child to develop intellectually, academically, creatively, socially, emotionally and most importantly allowing them to enjoy the process...

Our Classrooms

Toddler Classroom

Our Toddler Classroom is our youngest classroom, accepting students between 15 months and 2.5 years old. In this class, students begin to learn the basics of a Montessori education. We encourage and build the foundation of independence and critical thinking. While in this class, students learn colors, numbers, the alphabet, gross and fine motor skills, and basic life skills such as potty training, putting on clothes and shoes, and working with others.

Lower Primary Classroom

Our Lower Primary classroom is for students between the ages of 2.5 years and 4 years. In Lower Primary, the main focuses are continuing to increase students independence, applying knowledge of letters and sounds to word recognition, basic science and math operations, and introduction to geography and the world’s cultures. This class applies what students have learned in the Toddler Classroom and applied it further to new and exciting topics. Lower Primary also prepares the students for Upper Primary.

Upper Primary Classroom

Our Upper Primary classroom is currently our oldest classroom, with students from 4 to 6 years old. The main focus of our Upper Primary Classroom is to prepare the students for whatever education they will have after they leave GMA. Our Upper Primary teachers work with the students extensively on basic number operations and number sense, letter sounds and sight words, beginner reading strategies, and world exploration through science and geography. The Upper Primary classroom studies many of the same things the Lower Primary class studies, but more in depth.


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